Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Truth Hurts...

...but I am the one foolish enough to go around speaking it...

The child in your heart, is frightened in the dark
Your fortress of fear, siege it with a spark
To light your world with love, my tender wounded dove
All that's set aflame is bitterness and pain
'Cause what you seem to fear, is anything sincere
Rather have an act, hiding knives meant for your back
But I'm not one of those, my wilted wild rose
Such a savage garden grows
From every seed of doubt you sow

I thought you'd wanna know...

The child in your heart, is chained and kept apart
A dungeon of dreams that never come to start
A life bereft of love, has wounded you my dove
All you can proclaim is jealousy and shame
How you're right to fear, a truth that is sincere
When your whole life's an act, only liars got your back
And you are one of those, demanding all control
Lilting towards repose
Losing every petal off your rose

I thought you'd wanna know...

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