Thursday, July 30, 2009

Demon Conversions for the Campaign with Dustin

If I have my 40k fluff right, then Slaanesh the chaos god was born at the moment known as "The Fall of the Eldar". It seems to me that it is fitting, then, to take some old Dark Eldar models (From the 3rd Ed. Box set?) and convert them into Daemonettes. Here are my six (six is the sacred number of Slaanesh) models assembled and ready for paint:

I will post some painted pictures tomorrow. I think the paint job will make them look more like daemonettes, and less like poorly-hacked-into Dark Eldar.


  1. *stares horrified* is that a kroot lower torso... *gasp* you sick bastard! lol but in all seriousness the concept , idea and looks is preety bad ass. if you have some full intact kroot sprues sitting around they have some cool extra flavor bits on them like hooks with rib meat and the like. I think one of them with one of the open mouth kroot heads would like mighty spiffy too.

  2. quick side note am I the only one that thinks the third edition daemonettes look better then the current?

  3. Yeah I love those extra bloody bits on the kroot sprue. And no, you are not the only one who likes the 3rd ed. Daemonettes better than the current ones. I still like the current ones a lot; they are a bit more slim and lithe than the older ones, but the older ones look more like scary demons coming to eat me.