Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Updates are coming (finally)...

Okay everyone,

Sorry about my total lack of posts over the last two months (maybe there are a few out there who noticed). Transferring to a new college has been much more involved than I had thought, but things are starting to even out.

So I am going to honestly try to cover these topics throughout the week:

Wednesday: The results of my games with Dustin...remember when he came to visit? Those were the days...

Thursday: A bunch of background about the business club, Delta Epsilon Chi, that I am finally having success getting off the ground at my new school.

Friday: The final run-down on what I am adding to my army for the final 40k tournament. (Witch-hunter allies, baby!)

Saturday: A quick post about the wacky goings-on at the Fall Leadership Conference, the first DEX event of the school year.

...and after that, I think I will have my blogging feet back under me. Stay tuned for more...

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