Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Sweet Empty Home

So, though I've had the lease signed since last week, I didn't move in to my new apartment in a functional way until the past couple of days. I have the bare necessities: PB&J, honey-nut cheerios, several gallons of gatorade, towels, an old futon mattress to sleep on in the meantime while the weather precludes transportation of my nice bed and chest of drawers.

Let me say, it sure is exciting to be out on my own; my head is spinning thinking of all the furniture I would love to have, and all of the finer things that I want to get so that I can have a nice quality life. There are moments when I worry that I will simply rush out and buy exactly all the fancy items that Better Living taught me to appreciate...but of course, it being my place and all, and my taste being so varied, I am sure it will (eventually) have a uniqueness to it that doesn't sacrifice style or function.

Here is the morning light coming in through the nifty bay windows...
...and, though drearily adorned with some pillows and a metal folding chair (which is VINTAGE and Bombproof and the only good find after many hours combing the D.I.), I still am just thrilled to death to be able to look out across my vast living room and know that I am king of all I survey. Now, let's get to filling some of the voids...

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