Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Houses, Both Alike in Dignity

The time has finally come to finish out our house. Starting this week, we'll begin working with a home remodel pro to put in a loft bedroom, stairs, and the finish on our front dining room. It has been about ten years in the making, and I am so excited for it to finally be nearing completion. I will probably be moving into the upstairs loft, which will feature a 1/2 bathroom, lots of closet space, and a small living area. We are also going to 'loft out' the dining room, so it will have a really high ceiling. The stairs will simply climb up to the loft, rather than going through a hole in the ceiling up to a second floor. Pretty cool.

Also going on this weekend is a two-day birthday project at my best friends' house. I have been exceptionally lucky over the past couple of years and have made some of the best friends of my whole life. They are a married couple my age that live right in my neighborhood who, between the two of them, share almost all of my interests. It is his birthday on Saturday, and his big gift from everyone is putting in a garden plot. The plan is to build two 16' x 4' planter boxes, about 2' high, in the far corner of their large and oddly triangular backyard.

Unfortunately, we won't really be able to work on each others' projects, at least not this weekend. However we have been working together on the planning, and will certainly all share in the enjoyment of the finished product. AWESOME!

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