Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Unrelated Information

1. Tucson has this establishment, called "The Loft Cinema", that is the local indie theater. They also happen to serve beers that you can take into the movie, a la Brewvies in SLC. Tonight, a group of us are getting together to go to the late-night showing of High Fidelity. This film was highly influential on the young Mr. Bombs and myself, in fact it is probably the source of much of our music pretension and snobbery, and the book by Nick Hornby upon which it is based has been on my 'need to read' list for a long time. Maybe after tonight I'll be re-energized to seek said book out.

2. We've got a lot of work to do so that we will be ready to rock worlds at a show we're playing this Sunday at The Pound. We've been working hard at getting the songs really fine-tuned, getting our loop timing just right, and building some dancy-ness into the tunes. It is a live dance music show. Sunday at 7 at the Pound: better bring your dancing shoes.

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