Thursday, October 4, 2012

We Interrupt This Regularly-Scheduled Broadcast... bring you a kitty!
I brought her home from the shelter on Tuesday, and she has hardly stopped purring since! It was kind of meant to be; I went looking for a smaller 8-week-old kitten, but the one I was looking at was taken. Curiously, while I was looking at the younger kitties, this slightly older black one in the next cage over was mewing at me. When they told me that the small gray guy I was holding had already been adopted, and was just awaiting pickup, I then went over to this little gal's cage to check her out...and she cautiously crept to my outstretched hand...then started enthusiastically loving on me! We totally bonded then, and I knew that I just had to have her...

...I've since named her Lily, and she's been following me around the house, only pausing her demands for petting and cuddling to eat, sleep, and explore. She's even been getting along great with our old-man kitty, Rowdy. We were worried he might feel that he was being 'replaced', but just this morning they were laying on the same chair, and he was grooming her!

Say it with me now: "AWWWWW!"

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