Monday, August 10, 2009

Dustin's Fun Visit Update

Well, our night out in uniform went very well. We had a good time while managing to avoid any fights or even awkward conversations with strangers. Here we are, looking good:
We still have yet to play our second game of 40k. I think Dustin got demoralized when I slew his Eldar to a man (or space-elf, in this case) in our first game. Also, it is just so much easier to get sucked in to playing Halo all day (where Dustin still reigns supreme...although I did smack him down in a game of Chess yesterday). We had some friends over and managed to get in some four player games. Fun times.

We have the rest of this week to go before his leave is up. Who knows where our adventures will take us? Hopefully to the gaming tables.


  1. Where is your mighty hat in this picture, Cap'n?

  2. I would guess that it was still inside. There was always a lot of controversy surrounding whether we should take our covers (hats) off when smoking.