Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Siege of Deseret: Game 1

Last night Dustin and I played the first game in our campaign, the one with the wacky "neutral" units and hidden daemonettes. We were both trying to take a single objective, and each had 750 pt. armies It was everything we hoped it would be, and more. Here is what I took:

*Captain w/ power weapon, plasma pistol, jump pack
*Chaplain w/ power weapon + plasma pistol, jump pack
*Death Company x2 w/ jump packs
*Tactical Squad x5 w/ meltagun, in a heavy bolter razorback
*Assault Squad x5, in a rhino with upgrades
*Baal Predator

Dustin took:

*Farseer with Doom, Fortune, spirit stones, and assorted Eldar goodies
*Fire Dragons x9
*Fire Dragons x8
*Dire Avengers x10 w/ Exarch, power weapon, and shimmer shield
*Dire Avengers x10 w/ Exarch, power weapon, and shimmer shield

Per the special rules, I had the first turn but skipped it with everything in reserve (and everything arriving on turn 2, sort of like dawn of war deployment). Dustin started with one squad of dire avengers on the board, with the rest moving on from his table edge on turn one. This is what his deployment looked like:

And here are the rest of his fire dragons and the neutral orks:
My tanks stormed onto the board on turn 2, coming in from the side edge on area that counted as a "road". Captain Valentine and the other jump-packers were able to assault that turn, immediately throwing Dustin's plans out the window.

The game from then on was a slaughter of Dustin's infantry by the Captain and Chaplain, although Dustin rolled to take control of the Orks for a turn, and their Deffkopters killed both Death Company guys.
A lucky tank-shock with the command rhino sent the second squad of dire avengers running off the board. The fire dragons moved up and promptly melted down the command tank, and then charged the assault squad that came spilling out. Better to assault Marines than be assaulted by them. There was a lot of wackiness with the random neutral units. The Tau all retreated, although the Orks and daemonettes (once revealed) laid waste to the Kroot. The Demons tried to come after my razorback that was parked near the single objective in the game, but were righteously gunned down. Below you can see Dustin removing the slain daemons:
It then came down to the final close-combat brawl:
Good times...with plenty more to follow

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