Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick Musings on Nerdy Activities

So yesterday was a pretty good day. First of all, my old Scoutmaster from Tucson and his wife stopped by, as they are traveling up to Montana. We reminisced about our (sometimes) scandalously bad-ass boy scout troop, and traded tales of their youngest son, who is couple years older than me and was one of my clique's anti-role-models.

Then I was joined by my friend, and Genre Zero drummer, for my introduction into the "Game of Thrones" card game. It was pretty fun - although I think my basic starter deck was a little underpowered compared to his - those rich Lanister bastards! It's a pretty solid CCG, with some well-functioning original game mechanics that deviate (in a good way) from the now-standard Magic: The Gathering card game model.

After that, we went to an indoor archery range. I haven't shot a bow in over a fact, maybe not since I was actually in the boy scouts.

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