Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kitteh Weekend Bonus Edition

If you love cats like my friends and I do, if you have a soft and pliant sweet spot for our fastidiously furry friends, then you'll want to check out The Kitty Comp from Burger Records. An adorable feral stray was rescued after being run over behind a California cassette-tape label, and the story just reminded me so much of our long-gone family dog Cisco that I had to share it. Cisco was thrown out of the back of an SUV in front of my mother's office in Tucson along with his five or so litter mates. The disowning driver then actually reversed a bit to get pointed out of the parking lot, gunned the gas, and ran over all but two of the puppies. I wasn't there, but my mother relayed the story to me, her having rescued the two survivors. A coworker took one pup and Mom brought home the second, Cisco - who was much-beloved for years in Tucson and now rests faithfully beneath our SLC herb garden. So maybe the Kitty-Comp and my nostalgia is comparing cats and dogs, but the compilation tapes aren't no-account doghouse jams. There is previously unreleased material from Ryan Adams, among many talented others:
I've had the pleasurable good fortune of meeting several interesting cats during my travels. Remember the green-thumbed friends I made in Lincoln? They have an unassuming house-cat that leisurely greeted each guest in turn before settling in at her own spot within the conversation circle. I hadn't quite figured out how to work my camera's flash back on July 4th, and the image was too dark to see, so I messed with the colors of the picture similar to the stylized band pictures on my old MySpace page:
Also in Lincoln was the Game Room store cat, who was friendly enough to crawl up my clothes in search of loves:
Most recently, here in Tucson, are the catty companions of some of my dearest. Meet Gabby; she's a little bit skittish, but will warm up to you eventually. Here she is hanging outside, talking cat-trash with a neighborhood stray on the other side of the fence:
Inside, her younger gal-pal is taking a break from it all:
Enjoy your weekend!

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