Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lincoln Weekend Bonus Edition


 What a whirlwind of a weekend...a whirlwind of music! It started Friday afternoon, when we headed into downtown Lincoln to hear a local band "Good Show Great Show" perform at a busy intersection during the lunch rush. They were a very cool band, with what I suppose you would call a 'psychedelic' flavor throughout their rock/pop/indie/whatever style. I guess it is part of a new program the city is putting on here, partnered with local non-profit "Be Heard Lincoln," to put on live lunch music every Friday.

After the end of the show, I busked again, this time at a substantial downtown bus station. I heard after the fact that the bus station has a mean reputation, but that's where the people were, and I got a pretty good response. It was great practice, and was also good for getting my voice nice and warmed up. I was also very fortunate in that later Friday afternoon, my host's roommate kindly drug out her old keyboard (a late seventies, birth of analogue synthesizers, old-school Korg affair) and had a good-old-fashioned noise-band jam. That put me in a good headspace for the show Friday night - it was dark in the basement (Lincoln house shows are in the basement from what I gather), but here are the shots from the Genre Zero set. My thanks again to Brian for the backup - the tuba sounded really good!

Bolzen Beer Band, of course, played after to close out the night. Almost two kegs of beer were consumed! And finally, Saturday night I roadied for Bolzen. We drove an hour or so away to Diller, Nebraska. Bolzen did the final show of the "Diller Days" festival, an all-day street fair, carnival, and celebration of the small town of Diller. Bolzen had played at the literally-only-bar-in-town before, and so there was a presence from their fans, as well as just the Diller crowd coming in to the bar the end their festival day. In case you didn't know, Bolzen does a very cool alt-polka routine.

Yeah, that's right. Alt-polka. You'd have to be at their show to really get it, but here is a taste:

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