Wednesday, June 17, 2009

War Story Wednesdy: Music Edition

So, as I am prone to do...I decided suddenly last night that I needed to go play at an open mic night. I invited my band's horn and violin player via phone about 1/2 hour before the open mic was set to start, but they didn't get back to me until an hour in to it. Another hour later, I played my set, to a fairly positive reaction. Since everyone is half drunk and clapping for everything, it was probably a better response than the average applause I get when playing at The Peoples' Market. I'd say it was a much better reaction than when I used to play at the open mics around Camp Lejeune. Those were rough times...driving almost an hour off the base and in to town, playing a fairly late set, and then coming back...all in time for platoon PT in the morning at 5:45.

However, the "gig" last night got me all revitalized to work on some music stuff today, so I have broken out the old recording rig and will give it a go or two. Still, my Warhammer 40k projects are languishing unfinished, so I might have to work on that a bit too. Tomorrow I will post pictures of my Command Rhino, which is nearing completion.

Valentine out.


  1. It's tomorrow now. Where are the pictures, Cap'n?

  2. I had to paint the tank up and then take the pictures and then load them on the computer and then fix them up and then upload the best ones and then get the layout all worked out and now if you check back you'll see the pictures.