Thursday, May 27, 2010

Death from Above

So I've been out of the Warhammer scene for a while, but after mulling over the new Blood Angels Codex while in California, I've decided to jump back in. I am planning on taking a break from running my "II M.A.R.S." mechanized army and fielding a jump-pack airborne force. The new Sanguinary Guard models are just too cool, and are ultimately what swayed me. There has been a lot of chatter online about whether or not the Sanguinary Guard are effective for their cost, but models that cool demand to be played. I've always (to my disadvantage, sadly) favored style over substance in my armies anyway.

Today I purchased several different jump pack kits, and began assembling them. I'll try to post some pictures over the next few days as I make progress on painting them up. I've worked up the following 1200 point list; it isn't anything special, but it seems like it will be fun to play with:

*Dante 225

*Honor Guard 265
-Jump Packs
-Chapter Banner Bearer
-Power sword
-Melta Bombs

*Assault Squad (x10) 250
-Power fist
-infernus pistol
-Meltaguns x2

*Sanguinary Guard 230
-Power Fist
-Infernus Pistol x2

*Vanguard Veterans 230
-Glaive Encarmine
-Power Swords x2
-Plasma Pistols x2
-Thunder Hammer

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