Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Working Man

Alright. From now on I really am going to make the effort to stay on top of writing something every day (during the week at least).

So, yesterday I started work at my summer job. I am taking customer service calls and doing invoice processing for Comfort Systems USA, a nation-wide HVAC chain. Not quite the fabulous accounting job I had hoped for, but the billing work that I am doing between calls is part of their accounts receivable process, and as such I am working in the accounting department. I guess we've all got to start somewhere!

It is a seasonal assignment through Office Team & Accountemps (Robert Half International Inc.), and my hope is that if I do a good job on this all summer and can work out a manageable class schedule for fall, that they can get me into a more substantial accounting position. It will really help me hit the ground running when I graduate if I have been working in the industry part time all throughout my senior year.

Time to go get ready now. It sure feels good to be a working man!

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