Friday, May 11, 2012

A Grand Plan

So while 'blog' is short for "biographical log" to the best of my knowledge, I want mine to read a little less like a diary and more like an informative news source and how-to guide. I am planning to refine my design and strategy a bit, focusing on the subjects I know best and am actively involved with in my day to day life. Things like:

Community Service
Men's Fashion

I would like to have recurring weekly posts on these subjects, especially following projects that I have going, like the garden and the loft, and my songwriting of course. There are certainly plenty of style blogs, but, I have a nice take on things I think - and like I said, I want my blog to be a little more instructional. So not just 'here is my outfit, look at it' but, like, 'here is how I found this at the thrift store' and 'here are the steps I take to clean and care for my fancy clothes'.

So, on the lookout for new developments!

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