Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Swell Time Indeed

It's official: The San Rafael Swell is a-mazing! My brain is still under a cottonwood grove, gently stroked by the breeze coming off the river. Our campsite was near perfect, large enough to accommodate our large group while giving everyone plenty of space, but without feeling like we were all camping separately on a deserted plain or anything like that. We had nearby river access (the swimming and water frolicking was outstanding!), awesome views of canyon walls and monolithic rock spires, and good times all around.

The only downside was that our dutch oven apple crisp burned, although that is kind of 'sixes' for me, as I had passed out around the time the oven went in the fire anyway, so either way I wouldn't have had any of the dessert. Oh, and one of our party bruised his ribs having too much fun in the river. Not bad, though. Also I forgot our camera...but oh well; said rib-bruising friend took many pictures and should be sending them my way.

In fact, it is hard to concentrate on writing up any kind of post...I am going to stop now so that I can go sit under the cottonwood in our yard and pretend I am still out in the desert.

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