Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I Like: Friday Unrelated Information Edition

* I like '90s Alternative music. I like it, big time. Probably this is because, like so many rock & roll youth, it was the first music that I felt was mine. It wasn't my parents' music that I also happened to like, it was mine. Alternative was the musical choice of most of my peers, but once I was listening to the then-awesome local radio station, I discovered and treasured a lot of music. Here are some awesome musical selections for today:

"Possum Kingdom" by The Toadies - I think every band needs a song with a part where you sing "Do you wanna die?" I wrote one!

"Not An Addict" by Kay's Choice - One of my great regrets from that time in my life (no, there isn't some kind of addiction sob story, relax!) is that I didn't go to a dream lineup show featuring Tonic, The Verve Pipe, and the late edition of Kay's Choice.

"Semi Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind - Who can forget this song? It is almost more 'Top 40' than alternative, but then I don't like genre labels; that is part of what was so cool about the KFMA in Tucson in the '90s, they played all kinds of different new music.

* I like finding fashion treasure at thrift stores, having it come to me as gifts, or especially getting hand-me-downs. Here is SLC, we've got the trusty " D. I. ", and of course Savers and other thrift stores, as well as a robust consignment shop scene. There is even a small but awesome thrift store literally down the block and around the corner from my house - "Ben's Closet Gently Used Clothes". There is no online listing or review that I can find...maybe I should make one? Below is an outfit for tonight that is made entirely of those items:
The camel hair jacket is from the DI, as is the shirt;
The trousers are inherited from my paternal grandfather;
The pocket square was a gift this past Christmas (and matches my paint and school colors).

* I am dressing up a little for a loft-warming dinner party that I am hosting tonight. I am going to make this, it is the best dish I know how to cook reliably. I am also going to shave my project honor-beard; I started letting my beard grow when we started putting in the loft, and while the whole house isn't done, I did some of the last stuff that needed done in the loft today - installed a bathroom mirror, a robe hook, and wooden pegs to hold my belts in the custom closet that is also part of the 1/2 bathroom. Now I think the time has come to call the loft officially done, welcome my friends with a nice meal and some chillin', and shave off this itchy beard.


  1. How you feel about 90's alternative is how I feel about 90's grunge and ska. lol Also I too have an affinity for finding treasures in thrift stores.

    1. Well, see, in my mind "90s Alternative" encompasses '90s grunge and ska - that is what was so cool about KFMA from like 94-2001; they played all kinds of music from a bunch of genres. It was all just new music, and as long as it wasn't full-on pop, country, or classical, it made the grade.