Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Well this is certainly a strange date for Easter...the first whole weekend of April? Seems a little soon. It makes sense in a way, though, because I think Easter is a fairly strange holiday. Like Christmas, the timing of the holiday is lifted from pagan nature-worship. However, it is celebrating the most unnatural life-after-death of the Christian namesake. I've seen some snarky talk on the internet calling Jesus a zombie...pretty funny stuff!

While I don't exactly self-identify as a Christian, I definitely believe in the best of the Christian values: forgiveness, charity, aspiring to love thy neighbor as thyself, not coveting your fellow humans' stuff or spouse or accomplishments. As a lowly human, it can sure be difficult living up to those values, but I do try.

Who wouldn't want to live the virtues of a water-walking, sick-healing zombie? I mean that as a joke, hopefully not in too poor taste...I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the good things religion brings into this world, even if I don't subscribe to a particular belief system. Have a happy Easter, everyone!

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