Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Loft, continued

Well, I am still feeling fairly uninspired with regards to what exactly to put up here. I feel like my post yesterday got away from me, becoming more of a self-indulgent pity-party than the sharing of wisdom. Of course, that was what the post was about, in a way, so perhaps that is fitting. Now, let us speak of the awesomeness of the loft. Here is the view looking into the bathroom:
 We made that cool sink cabinet from an old piece of furniture; most of the drawers still work and everything. Pretty cool! Here is the main part of the loft:
 It is pretty small, but there is a nice bedroom area, shown above, and then an office / hang out spot at the other end. I have a nice table from my apartment days that is set up in the sitting area of the loft, which is where this cool railing is:
In this picture you can see how the downstairs ceiling has been vaulted up to the loft. It is pretty nifty. There is still a lot of work to do, although it is mainly in that downstairs dining room; the loft is essentially finished, maybe like 97%. We'll be getting on that downstairs work (hopefully) in these next few days. It isn't like I have school to go to or anything! Speaking of which...I need to find some things to get into and occupy my time. Especially a job.

Also, some good inspiration and motivation. Maybe for tomorrow?

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