Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I Like: Plants

I've been thinking that I would like to get some houseplants for the loft. I may be able to put together a cool indoor herb garden just by taking some cuttings from the garden. I think that would be pretty just cut an aggressively perennial herb like oregano in half and grow a small clone indoors. That would be what one would call a 'clone', right? It used to be one plant, now it is two living independently, but they still have identical DNA? For all of my practical knowledge about gardening and growing all kinds of plants, I feel like my deeper scientific and biological understanding is stuck at around a high school level, sustained by nature and science documentaries.

Having small versions of plants from outside being in the loft would be better than no plants, but, part of what is so cool about growing plants indoors is that you get to grow awesome plants that would never make it a varied and sometimes harsh climate like the one in SLC.

Plants are so cool! Exempli Gratia - I've seen a thirty or forty year old christmas cactus that had grown 3'-4' around, necessitating transplant into a big five gallon pot. Humans get old and feeble somewhat early in their lifespan, while many plants will only be growing and growing and gaining new strength all the time for most of their life, which can be thousands of years. Wow! Yeah, I like plants.

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