Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Loft

I live in the loft now.

Wait, what loft?

The loft I made!

Okay, so I didn't make it alone. The legendary Remodel Man of song worked it righteously, him doing most of it, and the loft is in Frog's attic who conceived of the crazy scheme to build a loft. I did a nice share of the work, though, and I am living in the loft now enjoying its many qualities!

I only have before pictures for now, so here is the story of the loft:

This is the very back corner of the attic space, which has become a 1/2 bathroom. I just noticed these photos all have dates, but it is the wrong date...This work happened a month or so ago. You can see where we've framed in a wall to separate the bathroom from the main loft.

The above picture is the view from the back of the loft. The camera is facing west, the bathroom is on the right.

If you walked towards the window from the back of the loft, you would be at the top of the stairs, with the view shown in this third picture. The floor in this picture is now cut away, vaulting the downstairs ceiling up to the loft. That small triangle space, that has a bundle of insulation and a pile of scraps in the corner? That is now a cool shelf space, to display regalia, memorabilia, art, and awesomeness.

This final picture is downstairs in the dining room. Those stairs now have a fine craftsman railing, and that ceiling is long gone. The dining room is the last room in the house to finish, although it won't be nearly as much work as putting in the loft.

It has been a huge job, causing me loads of stress, and it isn't over yet. Things have calmed down, though, and I am now lord of the upper realms...or something like that. I think what I am trying to say is that the loft is freakin' awesome, and I am a nerd, and now I totally have the space and facilities to nerd out completely.

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