Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last Day of Class

Yes, that's right. Today is my last day of classes, ever, at least as an undergrad. I am busy finishing up a few last assignments to turn in, nothing too crazy. The VITA Tax office has wrapped up; all told we prepared 175 returns, with just a handful of rejected returns, all of which were corrected and re-filed. We'll be having an end-of-tax-season party tomorrow afternoon, the treat of the professor! After that, I have two final exams on Monday...and then, that is IT!

Woo- Hoo!

Now comes the hard part: finding an employer to hire me and a graduate program to accept me. I am confident that neither will be that big of a problem, but, I am also realistic and expect to have some rejections. I've already discovered the hard way that, unfortunately, I am not considered "Big-4 Accounting Firm" or "Goldman Sachs ultra-corporate" material. Nor do I have the grades to simply step into something awesome like the PhD programs at the local University - did you know that not only are they waiving 100% of tuition and fees for Doctoral Candidates, they are also paying them $20,000 a year? Crazy! But, alas, such heights are not for me I suppose...not yet.

Those worries are at least a little while further out the future, for now, so I'll focus on finishing those assignments, going to class for the last time, and studying for my finals. Wish me luck!

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